Saturday , 20 January 2018
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Earn Money For Your School

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Your school can win  $1300 – $5000 just for conserving energy?

The goal of this program is to heighten conservation awareness and reduce energy consumption while at the same time providing safe, healthy and comfortable learning environment for students and staff.

In order to maximize potential energy savings it is essential that the entire school be involved. Newton-Conover City School’s staff will have a responsibility to set a good example to students who can also make a significant contribution.


  • Maintain set points of 70-76 for cooling and 68-74 for heating.
  • Avoid using space heaters.
  • Turn lights off in unoccupied spaces.
  • Turn off “evening lights” during the day.
  • Turn off and unplug TV’s, VCR’s, CD players, electric staplers and other non-essential classroom/office equipment over the weekend and holidays.
  • Turn monitors off when not in use and shut computers down over weekend and holidays (according to guidelines set by our Technology Dept.).
  • Turn off projectors when not in use.
  • Eliminate use of plug-in type air fresheners.
  • Enable the energy saver feature on copy machines.
  • Eliminate the use of lamps in classrooms.
  • Let the sun shine in.  Not only is daylight a free source is lighting; diffused daylight has been shown to improve student test scores.  Open your blinds to let daylight into a room.  During evenings and weekends you should close the blinds to buffer the room from heat or cold.
  • Keep heating vents and air return unobstructed.
  • Remove bulbs from soft drink and vending machines.
  • Minimize the number of lights left on after school hours and when the building is being cleaned.

The amount for each school is based on your square footage.  Each time we conduct an energy audit and violations are found there will be a $5.00 deduction for each occurrence.  If you have questions please contact Robin Rudisill, Director of Facilities, Safety & Maintenance.

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