Thursday , 14 December 2017
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Released Item Sets for Fall Semester 2015 NC Final Exams Are Posted

hs studentThe NCDPI/Test Development Section has finalized a set of released items for each fall semester 2015 NC Final Exam (NCFE). Each NCFE received additional released items. All new released items for ELA, Math, and Science were added to the end.  All new released items for Social Studies were added to the end of the multiple-choice section.

For example:

  • English III released 11 items in fall 2014 and 5 additional items in fall 2015. The new items were placed at the end starting with item umber 12. The fall 2015 booklet has a total of 16 released items and items 12-16 are newly released.
  • World History released 12 items in fall 2014 and 3 additional items in fall 2015.  The new items were placed at the end of the multiple-choice section, starting with number 12.  The fall 2015 booklet has a total of 15 released items and items 12-14 are newly released.

These released items are available to the public at Released items for NC Final Exams administered only at the end of the year (i.e., science grade 4, social studies grade 4, and social studies grade 5) will be posted in early 2016.  Items cannot be selected for release until the spring operational forms (secure test forms to be administered to students) are finalized and sent to the printer.

The items included in the Fall 2015 released item sets were administered to students during a previous test administration. The released items may not reflect the breadth of the standards assessed and/or the range of item difficulty found on the NC Final Exam. The booklet contains a text description of each standard addressed in the released item set. All assessed standards will not be listed. Only the standards addressed by the released items will be listed. Links to a complete list of standards are printed in the booklets for reference.

The answer key includes the following information:

  • The standard or clarifying objective assessed by the item is listed for each item.
  • The percentage of students who answered the item correctly is be listed for each item. (Percent Correct).
  • The general scoring rubric is provided for released constructed response items.

Additional information about each NC Final Exam is available in the Assessment Specification for each exam located at The assessment specifications include additional information about each exam including the number of operational items for each standard or objective.

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