Friday , 15 December 2017
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SUDIA’s Dairy Farmer Update

1.8.16 NC. Newton Conover Shuford ES Deacon serves boy at GnG Breakfast Kiosk 1.8.16 NC.Newton Conover Shuford ES students with miilk at GNG breakfast kiosk 1.8.16 NC.Newton Conover Shuford ES Breakfast GnG kiosk line of students 1.8.16 NC. Newton Conover Shuford ES Deacon serves girl at GnG Breakfast KioskSUDIA’s Expanding Breakfast Grant provides one kiosk and two milk crate cooler bags that serves 85 additional student breakfast at Shuford Elementary School.  Starting October 2015, Shuford Elementary School made eating breakfast top priority.  The School Nutrition Staff began rolling two carts into the hallways after the traditional service was done.  These carts that mainly serve car riders and late arrivals, combined with teachers allowing students to eat in the classroom now make breakfast available for every students.


Breakfast participation at Shuford Elementary School has increased over 60% (85 breakfasts per day) since the start of Grab N Go this school year.  According to principal, Patrick Nelson, “students would rather eat breakfast at school than at home which really says something about the food quality, not to mention the amazing School Nutrition team.  The manager, Tammy Thomas, does an excellent job working with the teachers and students, allowing taste testing and promoting new items.”   Emily Settlemyer is the cashier at the new kiosk and she said several parents have thanked her for providing a last chance breakfast because they do not worry that their child will be hungry when they don’t have time to eat at home in the morning.  Emily Byron, 3rd grade teacher, says “students were so excited that they could eat breakfast in the classroom this year during their morning work time.  They are definitely more attentive when they eat breakfast.”



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