Friday , 15 December 2017
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1095 Insurance Verification Form Information

taxes-646512_960_720The federal law’s mandate for most Americans to carry health insurance went into effect in 2014. As a way to document this, the 1095 form was created. The 1095 form is a new requirement under the Affordable Care Act for employers, insurance companies, and state-run insurance exchanges to provide Americans with independent verification that they met the law’s mandate to carry health insurance.  A deadline extension for distribution of the 1095 have been given and now it is March 31.  This has prompted regulators to permit taxpayers to file their tax returns without the 1095,

You will be receiving a 1095 form from the State Health Plan. It was the hope that you would have already received those but the recent information from the State Health Plan is that they are still having technical issues in finalizing the forms.  The forms may not be delivered until the end of February.

Just as a note, it has been suggested that you keep the 1095 forms with your tax records once you get the form. You will not be required to have the form to file your taxes this year.

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