Friday , 19 January 2018
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The Language of Learning: Spanish Collaboration Creates Win-Win for Thornton Preschool and Discovery High School Students

THPK Spanish with Discovery StudentsThrough a collaboration led by Discovery High School Spanish teacher Andrea Ward and Thornton Educational Center preschool teacher Kristina Canipe, Discovery High students are planning, preparing, and teaching Spanish lessons to preschool students at Thornton.

Thornton houses three NC Pre-K classrooms and each teacher submits themes and topics to their high school student teachers.  The student teachers are given two weeks to plan and develop the lesson in Spanish, complete with stories, discussions, and presentations for the preschool children.  The Discovery High Spanish students join each preschool classroom two days a week to interact with the preschool students and present the lessons.

This collaboration has empowered the high school students to work as a team, develop a presentation and deliver it in Spanish. They also have the opportunity to practice their conversational Spanish with many of our districts preschool children who are already fluent in Spanish, giving many of our preschool students the opportunity to teach too!

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