Friday , 15 December 2017
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Connect NC Bond- Your vote matters

When you go to the polls to vote on March 15, you will all notice a bond on the ballot, the Connect NC Bond.  The $2 billion bond will connect North Carolina to the 21st century through statewide investments in education, parks, safety, recreation, and water and sewer infrastructure.  The first two things most people ask about a bond are:  1)  Will taxes increase?  2)  What will the bond do for our community?  The answers to these two questions will dictate whether or not a bond is successful.  

The answers to these two questions are simple:  Taxes will not increase if this bond is approved, and the bond could mean important improvements in education for our region of the state.    Here are the major highlights of the bond.  

  • $2 billion of targeted, long-term investments
  • Projects in 76 counties
  • Infrastructure investments are vital to NC’s competitiveness
  • Connect NC will pay for assets that will last for 50 years
  • Interest rates are historically low
  • Connect NC will not jeopardize our strong credit ratings
  • There will be no new taxes or tax increases because of Connect NC

In terms of opportunities for our students, this bond could mean the realization of several new programs or improvements that will benefit them.  First, a large chunk of money, $58 million to be exact, will be earmarked for the development of a North Carolina School of Science and Math to be located in the Western part of the state in Morganton.  This school would serve as a sister school to the North Carolina School of Science and Math in the East.  Students in our area would benefit from this opportunity.  Several million would also go to improvements in Catawba Valley Community College and Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute.  These improvements would provide upgrades to facilities and programs that would provide our students with more opportunities than ever before.  Another major component of the bond is to provide $70 million to the ASU College of Nursing and Health Sciences.  This growing program provides another option for our students.  

Connect NCSo, as you go to the polls this year, take a few moments to review the information about the Connect NC bond, and make an informed decision.

Click here to learn more about the bond, and click here to see a list of improvements the bond will bring to our region of the state.  

About David Stegall

Dr. David Stegall is the Superintendent for Newton-Conover City Schools. He previously served Newton-Conover as the Associate Superintendent, and previous to that as the Director of Elementary Curriculum, ESL (English as a second language) and AIG (academically and intellectually gifted). In February, 2012 he was named the Outstanding Young Educator for North Carolina by NCASCD and was a National Finalist for the ASCD Outstanding Young Educator Award. In 2016 Dr. Stegall was named a National Superintendent to Watch by NSPRA.
Dr. Stegall joined the Newton-Conover City School system from Iredell-Statesville Schools in July 2007. He has presented at the state, national and international levels on professional learning communities and teacher empowerment. Dr. Stegall received a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte; a master’s degree in education from Gardner-Webb University; an education specialist degree in education administration from Appalachian State University; and a doctorate degree in educational leadership from ASU.

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