Thursday , 18 January 2018
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South Newton Student Leaders Make Request

bball court
On Friday, April 29, six student leaders from South Newton’s fourth grade presented their request for a new basket court on the new school’s campus. First, the students researched ideal locations for the proposed court while considering costs and landscape alterations (using lots of math skills!). Then they created a center-court design that would include the 7 habits of leadership on the school mascot – a tiger’s paw. Lastly, they presented plus/deltas (the good things as well as the challenges) for each of the proposed locations. Their plan was well researched and enthusiastically delivered. The student leaders even interjected throughout their presentation how they had to focus on using the 7 habits effectively to work together on the project. Now, they will have to wait one week for a decision from Principal Humphrey and Superintendent Stegall as to whether they get their proposed project approved! Way to go 4th grade leaders! We are so proud of your presentation skills!

About Scarlet Davis

Dr. Scarlet Davis currently serves as instructional coach at South Newton Elementary. She is a veteran educator with varied experiences in teaching, administration, curriculum and instruction. Her passion is helping teachers and students build their leadership capacity and love for life-long learning.

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