Friday , 19 January 2018
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STEM Opportunities With mBot

mBot-Educational-Robot-for-Each-Kid-04mBot kits are a perfect fit for STEM.  Not only do they teach kids about robotics and 3D design, but they teach programming as well.  mBots run off “mBlock” which is a free, scratch-style coding software…available for both Windows and Mac.

Robots can be built in 10 minutes, but still provide a great challenge for the age-group they’re intended for.  They contains 38 assembly parts, but the wiring is color-coded and labeled for convenient wiring.  mBots are controlled via a Bluetooth chip and remote and can be programmed to do a wide variety of tasks.


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The best part, in my opinion, is the programming.  mBlock allows young coders the ability to design, customize and create unique code to control their mBots.  mBlock is a drag-and-drop software that makes it easy for new coders.

Kits are around $75.



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