Friday , 15 December 2017
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Travel Tracker Field Trip System


For the 2016-2017 school year, Newton-Conover City Schools will again utilize a field trip bus scheduling program called the Travel Tracker. Teachers have the capability of entering their own field trip requests, which will not only eliminate paper but also will allow for timely follow-up throughout the field trip approval process. Teachers have the ability to print customized parent permission slips and coaches are able to assure their buses for athletic contests have been scheduled, as they can view this information on a trip calendar.

The system is completely internet-based giving access to the system at any time from a web browser. Staff have visibility of all trip requests immediately as well as a system-wide trip calendar. The system automatically notifies the school bookkeeper if a check is needed to take on the trip, or if a check needs to be mailed ahead of time. The system emails child nutrition contacts to notify them if you will be out of school over the lunch period, or if bagged lunches are needed. The system also provides an email alert to school nurses who prepare medications and other related materials for field trips.

Staff will receive an email reminder to register with the Travel Tracker application using the following link. Please note that the Travel Tracker link will also be located on the N-CCS website.

Each user must register by entering his/her school email address to gain access to the system. Look for the link to take new users to the registration tab. When registration is submitted, each user will receive an email which contains a link that must be clicked in order to activate registration. Each employees’ email address will be used for the login. For returning users, the employee email address is the username and the password used last year will still work (unless the user desires to change the password).

In order to make the transition smooth, see provided link to a training video for teachers (found below) regarding how to request a trip as well as how to view existing requests. At this point, staff should be able to access the following training link by copying this link and pasting it into a Google Chrome browser. For security purposes staff will be asked to enter their name, email address and create a password in order to access the training video.

Travel Tracker system also has a very helpful User Guide that can be accessed from the main tab. This guide can also help you through your learning process.

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