Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Off Task and Non-Disruptive

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Does your student?

  • Quietly blend in while doing nothing, doodling, or appearing to work
  • Spend a lot of time looking through things, desk, locker, etc
  • Say they are getting to the task or are working on something and produce few results
  • Quietly mumble, hum, or make slight sounds to self
  • Day dream, look out window, around the room, look past the teacher, at other students, stare, etc
  • Play with things in desk, backpack, in folders, etc
  • Draw or do other tactile activities while lesson is being presented
  • Sleep


Try these strategies:

  • Avoid power struggles
  • Call parent or note home
  • Card Flip
  • Clear, consistent, and predictable consequences
  • Explain assignment
  • Explain directions
  • Have student repeat directions back
  • Help student start assignment
  • Ignore
  • Individual work space
  • Logical consequence
  • More structured routine
  • Move to a new location in the classroom
  • Nonverbal cues
  • Praise when cooperative and well behaved
  • Praise when good attitude and involvement occur
  • Praise when on task
  • Proximity to students
  • Redirection
  • Review PBIS expectations and rules
  • Rewards, Simple Reward Systems, & Incentives
  • Speak in calm and neutral tone
  • Speak with student in hallway
  • Take a break
  • Take away privileges
  • Take away unstructured or free time
  • Talk one on one with student
  • Teach coping skills
  • Teach relationship skills
  • Teach relaxation techniques
  • Teach social skills
  • Turn desk around
  • Use timer


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