Tuesday , 23 January 2018
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Ditty…Say it with a Song!


Ditty is an App that turns your sentences into a song. In our Kindergarten classroom, we have created “Ditties” for all subject areas (even classroom management!)

The possibilities for student collaboration and creation are endless!

There are essentially 3 basic steps to turn your message into a song

    1. Type your message (up to 70 characters) into the App. If students are unable to type, they can easily use IOS’ Dictation Feature.
    2. Choose from a multitude of hit songs for your Ditty. New songs are added weekly!
    3. Enjoy your text based music video!

Here are some Ditties that my Kindergartners and I have created!
Following a Clever Cat Letterland Lesson, students used IOS Dictation to create this Ditty.

Student created Sight Word Ditty

Math- Guess my shape Ditty!


As you can see, Ditty is the perfect tool for student collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity!

Here’s to student engagement and many catchy tunes that you will never get out of your head!

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