Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Learning From Error Analysis in Math

errorEveryone makes mistakes! Many times these mistakes lead to important discoveries.   It is critical for teachers to pay attention to the errors that occur in the work of their students.

One strategy teachers can use within the classroom is error analysis.  Error analysis helps teachers identify which steps the student can perform correctly in math and what specific errors are occuring.  This awareness allows the teacher to identify misunderstandings or misconceptions by the students. Then the teacher is able to address these misconceptions with effective instructional approaches that teach the correct concept, strategy, or procedure.

How do you implement the use of error analysis in your classroom?

  1. Have the students determine the errors in their own math work on assessments. Students will determine where they made the mistakes(errors) on their own math problems.
  2. Create a gallery walk with posted errors on chart paper.The teacher uses specific examples from students’ work to make anchor charts.  These are posted in the classroom for small groups to discuss and determine errors.
  3. Implement error analysis math tasks into your review or math centers.The students will practice with math error analysis in centers with a partner or own their own.

To see an example of an error analysis sheet, click here.





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