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Using Sentence Frames in Your Classroom

strategyDo you have students who struggle finding the right words to explain, describe, or clarify what they may be thinking?  So many students are able to understand more than they can speak. One of best ways to engage English language learners (ELL) in actively acquiring new material is to connect their background knowledge to the new topic. Sentence frames allow students to make connections while using acadmic vocabulary.


Below are examples of sentence frames for making inferences and finding main idea.

Making Inferences

  • Using clues to figure out what is really happening in the story.
  • Reading “between the lines.”
  1. ________are / are not ________.
  2. ________ are / are not ________ because ________.
  3. Based on ________, I infer that ________.
  4. Based on _____, I infer that _____, because _____.

Identifying Main Idea

  • I believe that the main idea of this paragraph is ____________ because it states _______________.
  • I have come to this conclusion because __________is a specific detail that supports the idea of _________.
  • The main idea is _________ because in the text it says ____________________.
  • In this paragraph, the author is focusing on _______________ which is evidenced by ______________.
  • The author provides this information because s/he wants the reader to __________________.

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