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Test Computer Key In Blue Showing Quiz Or Online QuestionnaireData is the key to ensuring our students’ success!
One literacy assessment that can assess “multiple measures” is the CORE Assessing Reading: Multiple Measures. The assessments can be used as screeners, diagnostic, and progress monitoring tools. While there are a number of assessments, decoding, fluency, and comprehension instructional levels can be determined with specific assessments. If students score at the strategic or intensive levels on the Core Phonics Inventory, the student will benefit from instruction in phonics concepts.
In addition, the San Diego Quick Assessment is compiled of 13 graded word lists, that measures a student’s reading level. The words in isolation serve as a starting point for the MASI and the MAZE. To determine the instructional level for fluency, the Hasbrouck & Tindal norms can be coupled with the MASI to determine when a student’s rate is within the 50th percentile range.
Lastly, a maze comprehension can be administered in three minutes to a group of students to measure a student’s understanding of the text. After analyzing the diagnostic information, it can be determined if the instructional program or strategy should focus on decoding, fluency, comprehension, or a combination of these to benefit the child.
Check with your RtI chairperson to access these assessments!

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