Friday , 19 January 2018
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Guess Who?? Cards

What do you do when there are five minutes left in class? One quick activities is “Guess Who?” cards.

Give each student a recipe card and have her write about ten facts about herself. This can incluguess-who-cardsde favorites such as food, color or television show, or any other interesting facts. I like to do some brainstorming on the whiteboard about different facts that we can include, and then let students choose the ones that they want to write on their card.

When you have a few minutes left in class, choose a card and read one of the facts. Then give two or three students a chance to guess who the person is. If no one guesses, then read one more fact and continue in this way until the person is guessed. Not only is this a great time filler, but it also helps students feel special and important!

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