Wednesday , 21 February 2018
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Club Unify

Club Unify is a partner club through Project Unify.  Project Unify promotes school communities where all young people are agents of chaclub-unify-part-2nge–fostering for people with intellectual disabilities and thereby anyone who is perceived as different.

Club Unify also builds off the Special Olympics platform of sports, competition and events for individuals with intellectual disabilities.  A focus is put on school-based opportunities for students with intellectual disabilities to be successful and students without disabilities to gain understanding.

Shuford Elementary has 24 members (K-5) club UNIFY. They meet once a month to discuss better ways to help unify their school. The club welcomes all students, no matter if they are different than us because we are learning that everyone has something in common. December 3, 2016 the club members painted the rock outside of the school club-unifyand displayed ribbons across the school for Disability Awareness Day.

People with disabilities consist of the nation’s largest minority group, as well as the only group that any of us can become a member of at any time. 56.7 million people in the United States have some sort of disability, 38.3 million people have a severe disability.

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