Friday , 19 January 2018
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Make a Meme…Make a Difference!

Want a fun way to demonstrate a student’s knowledge of characterization?  Use a meme!  One application I use for ELA classes includes analyzing character traits based off attributes, physical descriptions, and/or actions.  Students love funny memes, so why not use them in the classroom?  When it comes to differentiation, memes provide a visual representation of concepts for students who have a Visual Learning Style. According to Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy, the ability to create in an authentic manner is a great way for a teacher to assess the student’s mastery of the content.  For additional resources, check out Sharon Serano’s “5 Ways to Use Memes with Students” and Nick Grantham’s “Using Internet Memes to Connect with Your Class.” 

Baby face meme saying "What do you mean Canvas is not for finger painting?"

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