Sunday , 21 January 2018
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Set and Keep High Expectations for All Students

Set high expectations that challenge students to be their best.

One expectation should be, is that our students do not line up at the door to wait for the bell because we are too busy making them the best!


5 Ways To Set and Keep High Expectations:

  1. Be clear and specific about your expectations. Don’t leave gray area and make students decipher what you expect. Just tell them.
  2. Teach, reteach, and remind students of the expectation. No one is off the hook.
  3. Be consistent. Hold student accountable daily.
  4. Don’t ignore failures to meet the expectations. Use them as teachable moments.
  5. Praise students for a job well done. They remember how you make them feel! So let’s make them feel successful. Be specific with positive praise!

Small tweaks to classroom procedures coupled with high expectations and a little planning ahead of time can make the difference.

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