Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Every Time You Hear a Bell…

It’s been said, “Every time you hear a bell, an angel gets his wings.” But at South Newton, every time you hear the bell, a leader has met his or her WIG (Wildly Important Goal). Part of leadership involves setting goals and taking action steps to meet them. Also included in goal setting is celebration and recognition once the goal has been met. In a Leader in Me school like South Newton, all members of the community set personal goals as well as learning goals. Students and faculty work together to decide action steps that are needed in moving forward to meet those goals. Time is set aside once a week for faculty and students to record and monitor their progress in their unique and individualized leadership notebooks.

Once a leader reaches his goal, he alerts the community by ringing the bell located in the foyer of the school. He then sets a new goal to ensure continued growth in leadership capacity. Some days, the halls are quiet. During other days, the bell may be heard multiple times. When the bell is heard ringing through the hallways, South Newton leaders stop what they are doing and celebrate the accomplishments of their fellow leaders.

So…the next time you hear a bell, it may not be for the wings of an angel. It may be that a South Newton leader has met his or her goal!



About Scarlet Davis

Dr. Scarlet Davis currently serves as instructional coach at South Newton Elementary. She is a veteran educator with varied experiences in teaching, administration, curriculum and instruction. Her passion is helping teachers and students build their leadership capacity and love for life-long learning.

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