Wednesday , 21 February 2018
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Seesaw – Student Driven Student Portfolios

Intro page to show options of how students can upload work.

Student Intro Page

My first grade students at Shuford love using Seesaw in the classroom!  Seesaw is a great tool for students, teachers and parents. It is also very user friendly!  Seesaw allows students to independently document their learning.  Teachers can easily view student work and give feedback and parents can sign up  to see their child’s work and videos!  My parents are especially enjoying the videos the children are submitting.  In my classroom, I use Seesaw to hold students accountable for their work in their math stations.  They take a photo of their hands on rotation or they take a video explaining the activity.  My students also use Seesaw to video themselves reading their Letterland lists to show fluency.  Seesaw has also been an incentive for some of my students in journal writing.  I allow students to video them self reading their journal writing.  Each time a student submits a picture or video it automatically goes into a folder of their own.  This is a great way to have online portfolios that can be shared easily with parents!   Go to and check it out, you will love it too! Mischele Glover, First Grade Teacher at Shuford Elementary.

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