Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Caution: Scientists at Work

Pasta Derby WinnersSouth Newton Elementary hosted their annual family science night on Thursday, March 16th, in conjunction with the NC Science Festival. Activities included 13 hands-on experiement stations, all led by South Newton student leaders. New this year to science night, was the pasta derby organized by UNC-Chapel Hill graduate students. South Newton students along with their families made cars from dried pasta and competed to see which car traveled the farthest. Pictured here are the winners of the pasta derby competition: First Place – Josh; Second Place – Evan; and Third Place – Julio. These winners received medals, t-shirts, and interesting helmets from the NC Science Festival sponsor.

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Dr. Scarlet Davis currently serves as instructional coach at South Newton Elementary. She is a veteran educator with varied experiences in teaching, administration, curriculum and instruction. Her passion is helping teachers and students build their leadership capacity and love for life-long learning.

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