Friday , 15 December 2017
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Class DoJo Used for Communication and Teaching Empathy

About 90% of K-8 schools in the US are using communication app ClassDoJo with students and parents. The app recently added video content, and teachers at South Newton Elementary are using a the series on empathy to teach students about compassion and understanding.

Teachers in Newton-Conover use the free ClassDojo mobile app to communicate with students and parents and to compile student portfolios.

ClassDojo features a cast of merry monsters, and its product design is fun and silly. But more than that, the app aligns with teachers’ vision of the classroom as a friendly learning environment where character matters and positive thinking can lead to powerful results.

Students using Class DoJo

Classrooms like those at South Newton Elementary in Newton-Conover City Schools are using the empathy videos to help teach social skills to their students. The merry monsters are used to help teach social skills such as empathy.

One example is the story of monster Mojo as he directs his first school play, starring his best monster friends. “I never should have let you be in my play!” Mojo wails to his friend Katie, overcome with worry that her performance will reflect poorly on him. When Katie quits the show and her fellow thespians follow suit, Mojo has to learn to walk in their shoes and convince them to return in time for opening night.

In addition, South Newton teacher’s indicate it’s a great two way communication with parents. “We share accomplishments like a student had art displayed at the Hickory Museum of Art and another was the South Newton 1st place Winner of the Little Read essay contest so we celebrated ‘their genius’ on our class story.”  These teachers also look at behaviors like:  accepting feedback, being on task, participating and encouraging others to teach to their students using Class DoJo.



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