Saturday , 16 December 2017
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April Exceptional Children’s Teacher of the Month – Katie Bearfoot

Katie Barefoot is an Exceptional Children’s Resource Teacher and she loves being a part of South Newton! Her goals as a a teacher are to teach, help, and encourage her students to reach their academic and functional goals and to be successful inside aKatie Barefoot - Teacher at South Newton Elementarynd outside of the classroom while exhibiting the 7 Habits of Happy Kids! 

Her personal mission statement is to:

I promise to motivate, encourage, support, and inspire my students by providing a safe and loving environment. In my positive and secure environment, I will give all my knowledge and passion for life and teaching so that I may educate my students cognitively, socially, and emotionally in order for each of my students to reach all of their academic and functional goals.

 Dr. Davis states Katie Barefoot is truly a team player. She attends PLCs weekly with general ed teachers and works them on a daily basis to plan aligned instructional opportunities. Katie steps up to volunteer at a moment’s notice, whether for car duty or for extra-curricular functions. Katie is a valued family member at South Newton! 

Mrs. Humphrey states that although she has only been teaching a short time, Katie  already exhibits the abilities and skills of a veteran teacher.  She loves working with her students and treats each child lovingly while still maintaining high expectations. She strives each day to help each child find their genius.  Mrs. Barefoot is a very positive person and has a gift for making others feel comfortable in her presence. We are blessed to have her as part of our South Newton family.
Thank you Katie for being part of our team!

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