Thursday , 14 December 2017
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Fidgets At the Middle School

A few students (from Newton-Conover Middle School) with some ingenuity and creativity came up with the idea of designing a popular new toy called a fidget spinner and selling them as a fundraiser for the 3D print club.

Ms. Ramsey,the club leader, jumped on board with this great opportunity. The spinner is a simple device that allows students to fidget and focus at the same time. Once the students had the base spinners designed and had ordered some ball bearings from Amazon, the fundraising opportunity began!  It has been exciting watching the students learn how to create these fidgets with our 3D printer.

Students and staff love them!  If you would like to order a fidget from the Newton-Conover Middle School 3D Print Club, the order forms can be obtained either at the NCMS front office or by emailing your request directly to Ms. Susan Ramsey (

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