Saturday , 17 February 2018
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Space for Creativity

What can you do with a paper plate, excited students, and the media center Makerspace? Students in Mrs. K. Smith’s 7th grade English Language Arts classes at Newton Conover STEM Middle School were given the task of

Steven Alonso Closely examines a project

Steven Alonso closely examines a project

composing a narrative about a lesson that they had learned. Following the completion of their a short stories, the students used the media center’s Makerspace to create a visual representation of their narrative writings. Our students were given only one guideline: the creation must fit on a paper plate. The results were amazing! While some students chose to represent a concrete object from their story, others chose to represent abstract images, such as an emotion or an idea. Students then voted on superlatives such as “Most Unique,” “Most Artistic”, and “Most Creative”. Winners of the superlatives were allowed to create their own trophies in a bonus trip to the Makerspace.

Keira Hirons and Laney Sigmon evaluating projects

Keira Hirons and Laney Sigmon evaluating projects

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