Saturday , 24 February 2018
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World War II speaker speaks at DHS

Ute Huckabee

Ute Huckabee

World War II  speaker Ute Huckabee came to Discovery High School recently and spoke to several of the social studies classes about her childhood in Germany before and after World War II.

Ute lived in Germany before and during World War II and she experienced firsthand the changes that Hitler incorporated during his time as a leader.  She was able to detail the daily struggles of life and having to fight to live day by day.
Ute spoke about the importance of life, love, and God.  She talked about the necessity of resourcefulness of her family in order to survive the time period. They sometimes had to scavenge for food and burn furniture for warmth. There was a lack of food, supplies, clothes, shoes, etc.
Ute is a master storyteller who shared an inspirational message that showcased not only her love for life, but also love for her country (America), and how our students should be grateful for the lives they are able to lead.
Discovery teacher Jason Barham said that “Ute  is a great example of one of our most treasured natural resources, as she is able to give a first hand account of history stories that we as teachers try to bring alive in the classroom.”

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