Sunday , 21 January 2018
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DHS Senior Project Spotlight: Amber Miller – Living with PTSD

Name: Amber Miller


Driving Question:  How does living with PTSD sociologically neurologically affect the family?


Why I selected the project:  I selected this project because I’ve known many people with PTSD throughout my life and  I never truly know what it meant to live with PTSD nor to live with someone who has it, so I just had to find out more. Also, all seniors at Discovery have to come up with a product to change the world, and as a frantic senior, I reached out to my mentor Dr Patrick Lillard to see what I should do.  He suggested a couple of ideas, but training a service dog for someone in need really stuck out to me – what a better way to change the world than to change someone’s life for hopefully the better and get some puppy love in the process.


Description of the research/conclusion and the product:  My research consisted of views the victims of PTSD’s perspective then looked through the eyes of the family members living with them. I discussed over the symptoms of PTSD and how the family members deal with the issue or disorder.  For my product, I chose to train a service dog for someone who is in need, a middle school teacher who has severe PTSD. I found a trainer who helped me select and train a service dog as well as fundraise.  Then I searched for an owner who was in deep need of a service dog. The dog chosen for the training would stay with me in my home until her basic obedience classes were finished.  We also engaged in some task training.  Skylar is a loving Blue Merle Aussie that can’t help but to make sure you’re okay and well.  She is trained to go on long car trips, to stores, doctors offices, and many more places. She distracts her owner from panic attacks and even signals when she senses the signs of a panic attack. Her very first weekend with her new owner she did so well!  It was the first time for her owner in three years she had gone several days without having a panic attack.


Contact Information if someone would like more information:

Amber and Skylar

About Heather Mullins

Heather Mullins is the Chief Academic Officer in Newton-Conover City Schools. She is a North Carolina Teaching Fellow who spent 12 years as a high school English Teacher. She received her B.S.Ed. in Secondary English Education from Western Carolina University. Heather completed her National Board Certification in Adolescent Young Adult English Language Arts in 2002. She holds an M.Ed. in Academically and Intellectually Gifted from UNC-Charlotte. Heather has served as a Curriculum Specialist in Hickory City Schools, an adjunct professor at Lenoir-Rhyne University, and a Professional Development Consultant for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. She completed her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership through Western Carolina University. Heather is one of the co-founders of #NCed Chat, North Carolina’s first Twitter chat for teachers. She is passionate about innovative practices, instructional technology, student ownership of learning, and supporting teachers. Heather serves on the advisory board for the North Carolina Digital Learning Plan, North Carolina School for the Deaf and Catawba Science Center. She is a recipient of the 2015 NCMLE Central Office Administrator to Watch Award. She also received the 2016 Don Chalker Award for Excellence in Educational Leadership. Heather is the proud mother of one son, Jackson.

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