Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Be Consistent – Classroom Management

Classroom Management can be a nightmare for some teachers.  So, begin your year with expectations and remain consistent!  Even though many believe that students do not like to have order in the classroom, they really do! Students have a desire to know  the teacher’s expectations and they will rise to those expectations.

How do you create your classroom management system?  First, determine your purpose for the classroom management plan.  Next, have your students help your create a graphic organizer that constitutes what a good students is and what a good student does in a classroom.  Then, have the students help you create another graphic organizer that expresses what a good teacher is and what a good teacher does in a classroom.  This is just one method to help you and your students understand what is important in the classroom.  Creating an environment where your students feel like they have a voice in the classroom will only benefit you.

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