Wednesday , 21 February 2018
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PDQ Offers 15% Discount to N-CCS Employees!!!

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Newton-Conover City Schools (N-CCS) has been a proud part of our community for decades. While not a part of our community for nearly as long, PDQ (People Dedicated to Quality) Restaurant in Hickory wants to give back to a group of people near and dear to their hearts: school staff members!! PDQ understands that the only way our community can thrive and grow is if our schools are thriving and growing. The best way for our schools to thrive and grow is if our school staff members are thriving and growing.

In an effort for school staff to feel the love, PDQ will now give a 15% discount off of each N-CCS employee’s meal!! All that is required on the part of the N-CCS employee is to show their respective ID badge that signifies their employment with N-CCS during the current school year!!  Please show your appreciation to PDQ for this generous discount by frequenting their Hickory store!! THANK YOU PDQ!!!!

*This discount is not off of the entire ticket (if multiple parties are on the same bill) but rather off of the individual staff member’s portion of the overall bill.

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