Tuesday , 16 January 2018
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Flipgrid Fever!

Flipgrid is a video response platform and the PERFECT tool to capture student learning and growth in your classroom. Flipgrid helps students become stronger communicators and involved digital citizens.


Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3!


  1. Create a Grid– A grid is your classroom or community of learners. Name it after your class and set the security
    settings. Only those with the grid URL can find your grid.
  2. Add Topics- Topics are the questions or themes your students will discuss. At least 1 topic is required to start,
    such as class introductions, but you can add unlimited topics throughout the year!
  3. Share with Students, Parents, and More!  Students do not create accounts on Flipgrid. Just share the grid URL for easy access on Chromebooks, PCs, or Macs. Students with mobile devices can access your grid using the free Flipgrid app.

My Kindergartners recently shared their counting knowledge by participating in a “Costume Count” on Flipgrid. This was a quick & easy way for me to formally assess where each student fell for that particular standard. Their families also loved seeing their growth!

The possibilities are endless when using Flipgrid with your students, families, school, and community.

Catch the Flipgrid Fever..follow #flipgridfever on Twitter for endless ideas!

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