Thursday , 18 January 2018
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ClassroomScreen – A One Stop Management Tool

textbox, traffic light, clock, and timer on a grass backgroundThere are many digital tools that help teachers keep their classrooms organized and well-managed.  For example during a single lesson, teachers may want to digitally display a timer, noise monitor, and some written directions on the screen to help students with self-pacing.  Instead of having to resize several different windows which include these different tools, allows teachers to open all of these different tools on one screen in about thirty seconds time.


Featured tools include:

  • Clock
  • Timer
  • Sound level
  • Text box
  • Drawing area
  • Work Symbols (whisper, talk to neighbor, etc.)
  • Traffic light

About Amanda McRary

Amanda McRary is the Digital Learning Facilitator and Media Coordinator at Newton-Conover STEM Middle School. As a North Carolina Teaching Fellow, she received her bachelor's degree in Psychology and Elementary Education licensure from the University of North Carolina at Asheville and AIG licensure from High Point University. She has a Master of School Administration as well as a Master of Library Science, both from Appalachian State University. Her educational experience includes elementary teacher, AIG Lead teacher, and middle and high school assistant principal. She enjoys reading, organizing, and crafting.

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