Wednesday , 21 February 2018
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Working with Challenging Students in the Classroom

Building relationships is the key to ensuring success with students in the classroom.  A specify strategy that teachers can utilize to address challenging students is the 2 x 10 strategy.  This strategy encourages teachers to meet with students for 2 minutes each day for 10 days in a row.  The teachers hold two minute talks with the student about topics that are not related to school like family or the students’ likes and dislikes.  This is a strategy that bridges trust between the student and the teacher.  Later the student-teacher conversations can move to discussions about academics.  Researcher Raymond Wlodkowski discovered that there was an 85% improvement in the student behaviors as well as the behaviors of the class by utilizing this strategy.

So, give this strategy a try!  But keep in mind these important tips:

  • Only meet with the student two minutes a day for ten straight days.
  • Allow the student to share their thoughts with you on a topic that is not school related.
  • Add your true feelings into the conversation.



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