Thursday , 18 January 2018
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“3P’s in a Pod” a New Podcast for Educators

Podcast iconThe Arizona K12 Center is excited to share that they have launched a new podcast, “3Ps in a Pod.” Being an educator in the 21st century is indescribably complex. There’s a constant pressure to meet standards and help students achieve, but there’s also a need to allow learners to color outside the lines in an effort to prompt creativity. For this reason, the Arizona K12 Center brainstormed with leaders in the field to create professional learning you can take anywhere — the gym, kitchen, or car. This is a conversation, not a lecture. There’s no need to cram for a pop quiz, but the hope is, you’ll pledge to be a lifelong learner.
While you will soon be able to access 3Ps in a Pod on Spotify, you can currently access 3Ps in a Pod in the following spaces:
The latest episode features the Arizona School Boards Association’s Director of Governmental Affairs, Chris Kotterman. Listen in as they talk about Arizona’s School letter grades. If you missed previous episodes, now is the time to catch up. The brief and powerful shows make a great soundtrack for your daily commute.
For those who are able and are willing, please subscribe, rate, and review3Ps in a Podon iTunes.

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