Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Kindergartners Set Goals with Seesaw

Each month, information is collected in kindergartners’ data notebooks to document growth throughout the school year.  In November, students from Mrs. Fitzgerald’s kindergarten class created reading goals based on the information collected in September, October and November.   Students created goals to be on a certain reading level, to fluently read a particular number of sight word lists, or to master all their letter names and sounds if they had not already done so.  After creating their goal, students used a digital tool to communicate their reading goal with their families.  Through Seesaw, audio recordings of students’ goals and photos of data notebooks were shared.  Seesaw allows families to “like” a student’s work and leave written and/or audio comments related to the students work which strengthens the family- school relationship.  As mid-year assessments come to an end and January data notebooks are completed, students are excited to use Seesaw to create and share their new goals!

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