Thursday , 18 January 2018
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NCCS Teacherpreneurs Cohort 1Dr. Bridges, Mullins and Mrs. Brown, Sigmon were recipients of a 2017-18 Innovative Grant.  Their culminating activity for this cohort is for each member of the group to work with their principal and AP/IC to determine a problem or need in their school and develop an action plan to tackle that problem.  With the district-wide rollout of the S3 Data Protocol, teachers have the tools in their hands to look at current data, make observations and inferences, and determine the cause.  Our goal is that through this experience, these thirteen teacher leaders will gain invaluable leadership experience as well as make a lasting difference in their schools. The project includes thirteen NCCS teacher leaders who have undertaken a school improvement projects that they determine are issues in their schools. For more information on how to establish your school/district’s Teacherprenur group, reach out to Dr. Mullins at Newton-Conover District Office. 

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