Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Coming Soon…..Mural in Downtown Newton

Two studnets working on painting the side of a building to start their mural in downtown Newton.Mr. Wilson and his student, Mr. Ortiz at Discovery High School, were recipients of a 2017-18 Innovative Grant.  As a collaborative effort between the students of Discovery High School and the Newton Public Art Commission, we aim to encourage fellow young artists to become active in their communities and create art throughout the downtown area. Other students will eventually add to the mural to create a mosaic.  The mural initially will feature my painting and will also have light fixtures that will illuminate fluorescent colors. The interaction of these two will provide a unique opportunity to immerse one’s self in the art. This initiative will give students more experience with teamwork outside of the classroom and will allow them to have practice with this medium. By acknowledging this endeavor, the mural will garner support for the arts and recognize the importance of self expression in the community. For more information on ideas on involving the community into a classroom, reach out to Discovery High School.

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