Sunday , 25 February 2018
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Revise, Reteach, Remediation

Update Key Means Revise Or UpgradeAs teachers we know that reflecting and revising is beneficial for students, but how often do we allow ourselves to do that?


Recently I was listening to an episode of a podcast, Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers. She was giving several tips on how to trim time off your workweek. One of the things she said was “First make it work, then make it work better. You won’t get it perfect the first time.”

Let’s not forget to reflect and revise our lessons, but even more expect to revise our lessons. Expect to go over and over and over our lessons to keep making them better. Don’t stress out about getting it perfectly right the first time or even the fourth. Revise, reteach, remediation these are things we need too. There might be a lesson or an activity that you need to improve. It might be a project or a rubric that needs more definition or less definition. There might be a better way to engage the students with a concept. The end of the semester is a great time to take a look back on your semester. What worked? What didn’t? What have you learned that you can incorporate? What did you rediscover that you need to try again? Look back on what you have done and make it better.

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