Sunday , 25 February 2018
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Wetland and Bioretention Pond at Discovery High School

A bioswale sign standing in Discovery High School's landMr. Dixon and Mrs. Chase were 2017-18 Innovative Grant recipients. Their project aims to expand the current bioswale project to include a wetland/bioretention area. The addition of a wetland/bioretention pond will act as an additional stormwater filtration unit, delivering a longer hydraulic retention time at the end of the bioswale to ensure that more pollutants picked up from the roof of the school or parking lot runoff can be taken up by plants or settled out into the soil. This pond will benefit the local watershed by reducing the school’s environmental impact. Additionally, as more and more cities across the state move to stormwater utility fees, a stormwater wetland could mitigate the amount that Newton-Conover City Schools would owe if the town of Newton does decide to implement stormwater utility fees.

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