Sunday , 25 February 2018
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STEM in the Social Studies Classroom: Part II

Students using VR headsetsAmanda McRary, Digital Learning Facilitator at NCMS, and Diego Mureno, 6th grade social studies teacher, recently teamed up to provide students with a real life look at geography in Ancient Greece. Using virtual reality headsets, students were able to explore the geography of Greece firsthand instead of in a book. Students later watched an EdPuzzle video on the subject and took notes in their notebook. VR provides an engaging lesson for students in social studies class, which is often a class overlooked when it come to STEM.

Further STEM ideas in social studies for Ancient Greece:

Research a natural phenomenon (tornado, hurricane, seasons changing) and write a myth. Use an online comic generator to illustrate the story.

Create a catapult using popsicle sticks. The challenge is to make a catapult that will launch a jelly bean the furthest.

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