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juumpMarch 2014:  Instruction in Motion brings PE into Classrooms

With instructional time for physical education on the decline and childhood obesity a concern, a growing number of schools are integrating short bursts of exercise into their classrooms. Some schools have adopted media-based programs that can be used with interactive whiteboards. In one case, students ran in place while learning about the history of the Olympic Games. “Movement helps get the wiggles out, and they’re ready to go back to work,” principal Victoria Velazquez said






rsFebruary 2014:  10 Teaching Practices Every 21st Century Educator Should Do

This article shares ten common sense practices that educators need to consider to support learning.  Some are practices we associate with technology, and others relate more to connecting with students. 






 tchgchvidJanuary 2014:  6 Routines to Support Mathematical Thinking

Lily Jones shares with us six routines to support mathematical thinking in this article from The Teaching Channel. She also references a video series produced with the American Federation of Teachers showing how the Common Core math practice standards progress across the grades. Watch students collaborating, explaining their reasoning, testing their ideas, and enjoying the problem-solving process in these classrooms.  Check out the videos here!




November-December 2013:  9 Video Tips for a Better Flipped Classroom

Several NCCS teachers are flipping their classrooms on a regular basis.  Flipping is gaining momentum among educators all over our country.  In this Smart Brief article, early adopters share how schools can find success with teachers and students alike–even when the technology seems as topsy-turvy as the lessons.







October 2013:  There are no Bullies


“Bullying is a hot-button issue. High-profile lawsuits and suicides have thrust bullying into the national spotlight. More schools are implementing policies designed to protect victims and crack down on perpetrators. In some schools, however, these efforts are outpacing education about bullying and the conditions that compel youth to engage in it. For the sake of all students, the time has come to look closely at two questions: Why do kids bully? How can we help them stop?”






gtoolsSeptember 2013:  12 Effective Ways to Use Google Drive in Education

In Newton-Conover City Schools, we are blessed to have Google Tools to support teaching and learning.  No matter whether you are a Google Expert or a Google Novice, this article from Edudemic provides some great uses for Google Drive for all teachers.


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