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Newsela Brings the News to All Reading Levels

Newsela has a large depository of news articles for young and struggling readers.  Many of the articles come from the Washington Post and Associated Press.  The best feature is that Newsela has adapted every article for five different reading levels.  Now when teachers find an article they want to share with their students, they can select the appropriate reading level ... Read More »

Haiku Deck Allows Fast and Friendly Way To Build Presentations

Haiku Deck (from the makers of Padlet) bring a presentation tool to teachers and students.  Their format is one that attempts to make gorgeous presentations very quickly.  With Haiku Deck it’s possible to avoid a lot of the typical formatting issues and “clipart-quality” images.  In fact, a subscription includes over 40 million royalty-free images.  It works with iPad, iPhone, Chromebooks ... Read More »

Students Can Discipline Themselves With “Cold Turkey”

Turkey image

Now that 1:1 classrooms are becoming more common…so are students distracted by the internet.  “Cold Turkey” can be strong when the students are not! Cold Turkey can be set to block websites while working, but has other features such as: motivational messages, timers, and scheduled breaks. It reminds students when they should be working, and students can set it to block the websites ... Read More »

STEM Opportunities With mBot


mBot kits are a perfect fit for STEM.  Not only do they teach kids about robotics and 3D design, but they teach programming as well.  mBots run off “mBlock” which is a free, scratch-style coding software…available for both Windows and Mac. Robots can be built in 10 minutes, but still provide a great challenge for the age-group they’re intended for. ... Read More » Make Infographics

Did you know 65% of the population consists of visual learners? Need your students to create an infographic but they don’t know what that is? Head over to and you’ll find one of the most advanced (yet user-friendly) web-based options for you and your students. is a website that features thousands of FREE infographic templates and design objects ... Read More »

Reflecting On Discovery High School Senior Products

Thomas Colton and the DHS Bioswale

Every year, Discovery High School rolls out its Senior Project to a new class of young adults.  Some students dread the immensity that is the Senior Project and others thrive from the undertaking.  In all cases, students are required to create a Senior Product as one of six required facets to the project. No matter what they choose to build, ... Read More »

DHS Smartphone Survey Reveals Primary Use

As a teacher, I love the fact that my students are all carrying the 21st Century Swiss Army Knife…the smartphone. The internet ought to be a teacher’s best friend.  When I was in school there wasn’t a single computer in the classroom, let alone one in every pocket.  Today students have access to the web, all their documents, spreadsheets & ... Read More »