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STEM in the Social Studies Classroom: Part II

Students using VR headsets

Amanda McRary, Digital Learning Facilitator at NCMS, and Diego Mureno, 6th grade social studies teacher, recently teamed up to provide students with a real life look at geography in Ancient Greece. Using virtual reality headsets, students were able to explore the geography of Greece firsthand instead of in a book. Students later watched an EdPuzzle video on the subject and ... Read More »

CommonLit for Upper Elementary and Middle School

Common Lit text library

CommonLit is a free website teachers can use to pull poems, short stories, and informational text. Students create an account using the classroom code. The text can be read aloud to students if they wish. At the end of each selection there are questions aligned with Common Core ELA standards and open-ended discussion questions. This tech tool could easily be implemented ... Read More »

STEM in the Social Studies Classroom

Canopic Jar

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) can easily be implemented in a technical class like science or math. However, for English language arts and social studies, a teacher has to think out of the box. Recently, students at NCMS took on a STEM challenge after studying Ancient Egypt. Students were to create a canopic jar (used by Egyptians to store ... Read More »

Using EdPuzzle to Flip Learning

Flipped learning is a model of blended learning in which students receive content through video at their own time and pace. Meanwhile, class time is devoted to the teacher working one-on-one with struggling students or enriching students who are ready to move on. EdPuzzle allows students to watch educational videos while answering comprehension questions embedded throughout by the teacher. Engagement ... Read More »

Personalized Pathways in an ELA Class

Student reading a textbook taking notes

            Personalized pathways are designed to give students freedom of choice in learning tasks to reach a goal. The basics of a personalized pathways are that students have control of tasks and pace. The teacher serves as a facilitator and regularly meets with students to track progress. After completing two tasks per goal, students take an ... Read More »

High Interest Informational Articles from Tween Tribune

Screenshot of Tween Tribune page

Tween Tribune is a great resource for teachers in all subject areas. It includes high interest informational text for students to interact with. The articles range from STEM related field to politics. Teachers are able to add classes and set lexile levels for students. After the students have read an article, they take a short comprehension quiz. This resource is ... Read More »