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Working with Challenging Students in the Classroom

Building relationships is the key to ensuring success with students in the classroom.  A specify strategy that teachers can utilize to address challenging students is the 2 x 10 strategy.  This strategy encourages teachers to meet with students for 2 minutes each day for 10 days in a row.  The teachers hold two minute talks with the student about topics ... Read More »

High Yield Strategy – Similarities and Differences

Robert Marzano has identified nine instructional strategies that classroom teachers can utilize to improve instruction in the classroom.  Our schools have been focusing on identifying similarities and differences this month which yields a 45 percentile gain in academics.  When working with students on this strategy, the students have to break concepts into similar and different characteristics. There are four effective ... Read More »

PLCs in Action


Professional Learning Communities are very important in Newton Conover City Schools.  According to Wenger, McDermott, & Synder, 2002, a PLC is  “…a group of people who share a concern, a set of problems, or passion about a topic, who deepen their knowledge and expertise in this area by interacting on an ongoing basis.”  The teachers in Newton Conover work together ... Read More »

Be Consistent – Classroom Management

picture of words classroom management

Classroom Management can be a nightmare for some teachers.  So, begin your year with expectations and remain consistent!  Even though many believe that students do not like to have order in the classroom, they really do! Students have a desire to know  the teacher’s expectations and they will rise to those expectations. How do you create your classroom management system? ... Read More »

What is SIOP?

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SIOP (The Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol) is a model used to address the academic needs of English Language Learners.  However, the model is effective for all learners.  This SIOP model consists of eight components including lesson preparation, building background, comprehensible input, strategies, interaction, practice/application, lesson delivery, and review & assessment. Learn more about SIOP and the eight areas by clicking here. ... Read More »

Math Foundations with Dr. Chris Cain

Last week, Newton-Conover City School elementary and middle school teachers participated in Math Foundations with Dr. Chris Cain. The elementary and middle school teachers were involved in five full days of intensive instruction and learned the importance of using precise math language within the classroom.   This training also provided our teachers an understanding of the basic principles of effective teaching ... Read More »

Fidgets At the Middle School

A few students (from Newton-Conover Middle School) with some ingenuity and creativity came up with the idea of designing a popular new toy called a fidget spinner and selling them as a fundraiser for the 3D print club. Ms. Ramsey,the club leader, jumped on board with this great opportunity. The spinner is a simple device that allows students to fidget ... Read More »

5-3-1 Summary Strategy

Are you looking for a way to encourage your students with summarizing information from text?  The 5-3-1 strategy allows students to work independently, in pairs, as well as with a group to share their thoughts and ideas surrounding specific topics. 5-3-1 strategy 1. On their own, students think of 5 words or phrases related to what they learned (ex. from ... Read More »

South Newton Teachers Present at the Leader in Me Symposium

South Newton Elementary School presented this week at the Leader in Me Symposium in Spartanburg, SC. Jane Clark and Heather Reynolds shared videos of class meetings held daily. Class meetings are held to empower students to take ownership of their classroom which also fosters a classroom family atmosphere.  For more information on their presentation, click here. Sarah Stapleton and Brittany Gaines shared how South ... Read More »

Dr. Russell Barkley Set to Present on March 5-6

Patrick Beaver Learning Resource Center is hosting presentations by internationally recognized expert Russell A Barkley, PhD on March 5th and 6th showcasing information about Attention Deficit Disorders. For more information or to pre-register, visit   Read More »