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‘Wait’ Until You Hear This!!

Wait time, questioning

Listen in on many classrooms at all levels, and you’ll probably hear teachers asking question after question. With so many questions coming at them, students have little time to think. Looking at it another way: the more questions that are asked, the less thinking occurs. Classroom observations reveal that teachers typically wait less than 1 second for students to respond ... Read More »

Working with Challenging Students in the Classroom

Building relationships is the key to ensuring success with students in the classroom.  A specify strategy that teachers can utilize to address challenging students is the 2 x 10 strategy.  This strategy encourages teachers to meet with students for 2 minutes each day for 10 days in a row.  The teachers hold two minute talks with the student about topics ... Read More »

Cultivating Competent Learners by Asking Three Questions

Black and White Image of child holding question mark over face

There is no doubt that one of the greatest charges we have in education is to cultivate competent learners and ensuring that we put them in a position to see the value of their education (Sheninger, 2017).  Engaging  our students in critical conversations about their education ensures we keep an accurate pulse on the learning culture we have created.  Too often our ... Read More »

North Newton Teachers Give Students Global Experiences with Google Expeditions

North Students use Google Expeditions

Jordan Caldwell, North Newton’s Digital Learning Facilitator, has been working with teachers to provide North Newton students with opportunities to explore the world and more through Google Expeditions. Ms. Hoke took her class on a trip inside the human body for an up close look at the Circulatory System.  She used the Read It, Explore It, Research It, Watch It ... Read More »

How Well Do You Know Your Kids?

a group of students

Think for a moment of a list of every student you teach this year (or semester for you high school folks).  If I asked you to write down one fact about each student’s family situation or something that each student enjoyed doing in his or her free time, would you be able to do it?  The old saying, “Students don’t ... Read More »

P21 Lately?

A few years ago, we spent a great deal of time talking about the P21 Framework – specifically the 4Cs (Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Creativity).  However, the 4Cs are only one small part of the framework.  As we think about K64 and about preparing our students for life after high school, the P21 Framework exemplifies the “how” of teaching. ... Read More »

Attention all AP Teachers!

Attention all AP Teachers on a sticky note.

NEW and FREE resources will be coming to all teachers of AP courses during the Fall semester of 2019!  These resources include unit pacing/lesson guides, unit tests, test question banks, individual student practice integrated with Khan Academy, and personalized student labels for test administration.  CLICK HERE to learn more about how these updates will assist you in teaching your AP ... Read More »

High Yield Strategy – Similarities and Differences

Robert Marzano has identified nine instructional strategies that classroom teachers can utilize to improve instruction in the classroom.  Our schools have been focusing on identifying similarities and differences this month which yields a 45 percentile gain in academics.  When working with students on this strategy, the students have to break concepts into similar and different characteristics. There are four effective ... Read More »

Instructional Core Modules Available in Canvas

Instructional Core logo

The Instructional Core Framework was developed by the NCCS Curriculum Team in conjunction with the NCCS Curriculum Council after a year of research, reading, and lengthy discussions about what all good teachers should know about pedagogy.  If you are new to Newton-Conover, you had the opportunity to get a broad overview of the Instructional Core during our New Hire Orientation. ... Read More »

Genius Hour – Enrichment that Centers Around Student Interest

genius hour lightbulb and text

Genius Hour is a program that provides students with protected time during or after the school day to pursue “passion projects.”  This is based upon Google’s platform for providing their employees with an hour of uninterrupted passion time each week (from where 50% of their actual initiatives emerge).  The content of the projects can be related to a teacher’s curriculum, ... Read More »