Friday , 15 December 2017
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Many Great Leaders to Learn From in Our District

Candace Styers

This past week, our district celebrated the school teachers of the year, the assistant principal of the year, the principal of the year, and the first year teacher of the year. We also revealed the district teacher of the year. This was a joyous event, and all of the educators who were recognized had very similar attributes. In fact, many ... Read More »

Welcome Back 2016

Screenshot of Dr. David Stegall

Dr. Stegall’s video message welcomes back everyone for the 2016-17 school year. The video can be found here.   Read More »

Celebrating Our Moonshots Together

Dr. David Stegall

Please see my video message below for the end of the 2015-16 school year, as I reflect on all that we have accomplished together. -David Stegall Read More »

Moonshot Thinking!

At the beginning of the year, I asked everyone in our district at the opening convocation to consider moonshot thinking in our schools and classrooms this year. If you’ll recall, I shared how some of our country’s greatest discoveries and accomplishments resulted from individuals and groups thinking outside of the box and taking risks. I encouraged each of you to ... Read More »

Connect NC Bond- Your vote matters

Screenshot of Connect NC

When you go to the polls to vote on March 15, you will all notice a bond on the ballot, the Connect NC Bond.  The $2 billion bond will connect North Carolina to the 21st century through statewide investments in education, parks, safety, recreation, and water and sewer infrastructure.  The first two things most people ask about a bond are: ... Read More »

Weather Wonders

Happy February everyone! This year has started out with a bang. Weather issues and water main break impact on our calendar We were blessed recently with a wintry mix that coated our area with a beautiful layer of snow. With that weather, we were forced to miss one student day and that date will be made up on February 15th. ... Read More »

Thank You, Newton-Conover Family

NCHS students at Rising Hope Farms

Please see our Thanksgiving message from our fearless leader, Dr. David Stegall.  We all have much to be thankful for this season, but we in N-CCS are especially appreciative of the commitment of all staff, students, parents, and community members to help us continue to excel all year round. We wish all the best to you and yours this holiday season! Read More »

How much is too much?

Last week President Obama called on states to cap the amount of time prepping for and administering testing in classrooms to no more than 2% of the year. Although it is hurricane season, the strong winds you likely felt last week were the collective “Amen” and “Yes” being exalted by educators, students, and parents across our state.   Recent studies ... Read More »

Be our Guest

Kids at Disney

It’s All About the Experience “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” -Walt Disney Like many of you, I’ve been fortunate enough to take my family on a visit to Walt Disney World. We had a wonderful time, and we left feeling like ... Read More »

Sing a Song of Celebration

Chorus singing

It is mid-September, and public schools still have no state budget provided to operate. It is important to note as well that the state shared that North Carolina has a $445 million surplus this year. Public schools in North Carolina just received their second annual letter grade from elected legislators (not educators or parents). Across the state only 6.4% of ... Read More »