Saturday , 17 February 2018
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Kids at Disney

It’s All About the Experience “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” -Walt Disney Like many of you, I’ve been fortunate enough to take my family on a visit to Walt Disney World. We had a wonderful time, and we left feeling like ... Read More »

Sing a Song of Celebration

Chorus singing

It is mid-September, and public schools still have no state budget provided to operate. It is important to note as well that the state shared that North Carolina has a $445 million surplus this year. Public schools in North Carolina just received their second annual letter grade from elected legislators (not educators or parents). Across the state only 6.4% of ... Read More »

Welcome Back!

NCCS Opening

This morning’s kickoff meeting was wonderful. I am energized each year by the creativity, work ethic, and commitment of all of our schools. As I shared, we are making differences in the legacy and future of the students we serve. As we seek to serve them, we too are learning, growing, evolving, and improving our ability to find success for ... Read More »

Gratitude for Our Newton-Conover Family

Dr. David Stegall and Kevin Campbell

No one in Newton-Conover City Schools or our community was prepared for the challenge we faced this week with the passing of Kevin Campbell, one of the finest educators and leaders in our state.  Mr. Campbell embodied Red Devil Pride.  He loved this district, NCHS, our kids, and this community.  We never saw Mr. Campbell when he did not have ... Read More »


Wheat in farmer's hands

Spring is here. I love the renewal of life that is evident during the spring season. Spring always gives me a boost of energy and enthusiasm. The warmer weather, the beautiful flowers and trees, the seemingly reemergence from bunkers of warmth for animals and people alike, each of these renew my spirit. For educators, spring is an important benchmark. It ... Read More »

Education in Newton-Conover- A GREAT CHOICE

Public education is the great equalizer. It has changed the legacy and future of countless individuals throughout the years. More and more families are looking at multiple options for education. Parents want the best choice for their child and their family. We wholeheartedly agree that families should find the best fit for their children. If all a school does is ... Read More »

The Challenge to Lead

Our district is in the midst of exciting changes and growth. We have a thriving Leader in Me school at South Newton, our middle school is transitioning to an exciting STEM school, North Newton will open next school year as an Internationally focused school with a Dual Language tract for students. In fact, we have great things happening at all ... Read More »

Mid-Year Reflections and Continuous Improvement

It’s hard to believe that first semester is coming to an end.  Our high school students are beginning exams, and our middle and elementary schools are in the mid-year benchmark season.  It is this time of year when we pause to reflect on what’s going well and areas we have for improvement.  It has been my goal as superintendent to ... Read More »


Thank You.  These two simple words convey so many positive feelings from the sender to the receiver yet so often go unsaid.  We live in an increasingly cynical world which not only neglects being thankful, it actually celebrates the opposite.  News, sports, and entertainment channels are littered with shows devoted to criticizing everything from government policy to athlete’s and coaches’ ... Read More »

District and School Leaders Go Back to School

The past two weeks, district leaders did something that is probably long overdue – we went back to school.  On November 5th, nine leaders from the district showed up at Newton-Conover Middle School for all day shadowing, unbeknownst to the staff or building leadership. The purpose of the visit was solely student-centered. We wanted to understand what life is like ... Read More »