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Newsela Brings the News to All Reading Levels

Newsela has a large depository of news articles for young and struggling readers.  Many of the articles come from the Washington Post and Associated Press.  The best feature is that Newsela has adapted every article for five different reading levels.  Now when teachers find an article they want to share with their students, they can select the appropriate reading level ... Read More »

“3P’s in a Pod” a New Podcast for Educators

The Arizona K12 Center is excited to share that they have launched a new podcast, “3Ps in a Pod.” Being an educator in the 21st century is indescribably complex. There’s a constant pressure to meet standards and help students achieve, but there’s also a need to allow learners to color outside the lines in an effort to prompt creativity. For ... Read More »

N-CCS receives $49,000 Digital Learning grant to showcase Blended and Personalized Learning

Blended Learning at Shuford Elementary

For immediate release Dec. 14, 2017 N-CCS receives $49,000 Digital Learning grant to showcase Blended and Personalized Learning North Carolina’s efforts to advance digital-age teaching and learning in the state’s public schools are getting a boost from a new grant initiative aimed at supporting local districts in the development and dissemination of innovative models for digital learning — and Newton-Conover ... Read More »

Google Trends in 2017

Google 4 color logo

Google! Just opening this search engine creates excitement. The joy ranges from ready connections to interesting people to inventions to events and beyond. In small print near the bottom of the screen I noticed a link “See what the world searched for in 2017”. Of course I had to dive in and you should as well. Watch the video and ... Read More »

Practicing vocabulary with Flocabulary

Flocabulary is a great way to teach your students the vocabulary that goes with the standards you are teaching. The students listen to a song video that has the vocabulary words. The students then practice with vocabulary cards, read and respond to a passage and take a quiz on the words. The students love it and I can assign them ... Read More »

CheckMark Extension in Google Docs Can Transform Grading

CheckMark Logo

CheckMark is a new an extension developed to help make it easier for teachers to provide feedback to students in Google Docs. Just add the extension, highlight an area for feedback, and select one of the numerous comments. These comments include common errors such as capitalization, verb tense, rephrasing, and subject/verb agreement. According to Byrne (2017),  “This extension will save teachers ... Read More »

ClassroomScreen – A One Stop Management Tool

textbox, traffic light, clock, and timer on a grass background

There are many digital tools that help teachers keep their classrooms organized and well-managed.  For example during a single lesson, teachers may want to digitally display a timer, noise monitor, and some written directions on the screen to help students with self-pacing.  Instead of having to resize several different windows which include these different tools, allows teachers to open ... Read More »

NEW Seesaw Activities

Seesaw Activities

If you recently updated the Seesaw app you may have noticed a new feature when you select the add button. This feature is called activities! This feature allows teachers to easily create and share activities for students to complete in Seesaw without dealing with the workarounds such as copy and edit. Seesaw has also provided an activities library that you ... Read More »

Visual Vocabulary with Quizlet Diagrams!

map with caption "Check out... Quizlet Diagrams" is an online tool that provides a variety of ways that students can enhance their vocabulary knowledge for any course.  Recently, Quizlet Live was released and offers students the ability to collaborate and compete in teams while learning vocabulary.  The latest tool Quizlet has to offer is Quizlet Diagrams!  This Quizlet function allows for terms and definitions to now ... Read More »

Flipgrid Fever!

Flipgrid is a video response platform and the PERFECT tool to capture student learning and growth in your classroom. Flipgrid helps students become stronger communicators and involved digital citizens.   Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3!   Create a Grid– A grid is your classroom or community of learners. Name it after your class and set the security settings. Only ... Read More »