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Word Study with

Students use technology

Need ideas for word study and vocabulary practice for stations?  Students would really benefit from the website. This website incorporate spelling lists and inventories from several different publishers including Words Their Way. Teachers can upload their own lists or lists provided. Groups can be created to differentiate vocabulary and word study instruction. There are multiple activities to choose from for students to ... Read More »

Ditty…Say it with a Song!

Ditty logo

Ditty is an App that turns your sentences into a song. In our Kindergarten classroom, we have created “Ditties” for all subject areas (even classroom management!) The possibilities for student collaboration and creation are endless! There are essentially 3 basic steps to turn your message into a song Type your message (up to 70 characters) into the App. If students ... Read More »

Take The Leap, Breakout!

Break the Room Box

If you’re interested in ultra-engaging learning games for any age, consider introducing your students to breakout sessions.  Breakout sessions allow students the opportunity to work collaboratively, problem solve, and use critical thinking skills to solve problems.  Breakouts can be used to teach any core academic subject to students of all ages!  How does technology factor into a breakout session?  From guiding ... Read More »

NCCS’ Network Redesign

Free image of digital security

Newton-Conover City Schools Technology Department is excited with the network redesign that happened over the summer. We are now able to provide a stronger, more stable, secure network for our staff and students. All staff and students sign into our network through their Active Directory (AD) account. Through AD, you are then placed on the appropriate network according to your ... Read More »

Pic Collage

Screenshot of Piccollage

Pic Collage is an app that can be used in any content area. You can create graphic organizers, have your students take a picture of the graphic organizer and double tap to set it as the background in Pic Collage and start filling it in! If you do not want to use a graphic organizer, students can start from scratch and ... Read More »

High Interest Informational Articles from Tween Tribune

Screenshot of Tween Tribune page

Tween Tribune is a great resource for teachers in all subject areas. It includes high interest informational text for students to interact with. The articles range from STEM related field to politics. Teachers are able to add classes and set lexile levels for students. After the students have read an article, they take a short comprehension quiz. This resource is ... Read More »

September Tech Tuesday Provides EVAAS Support for Teachers

Looking for simple ways to improve your teaching and increase your students’ performance?  This session is for you! Early in the school year, teachers are building relationships with new students and learning about students’ learning needs.  Are we using all the tools at our disposal to help us understand student needs? One of the best tools teachers have to look ... Read More »

You will be “Aurasma”tized at Shuford School of Blended Learning

Shuford Wall Photo

When parents and visitors enter Shuford’s front lobby they have the opportunity to to see all of the exciting instruction and learning that is taking place in our classrooms.  Using the Aurasma app allows parents and visitors to use augmented reality (AR) to turn trigger points throughout our school into an engaging and interactive experience. Download the free app today ... Read More »

ELA Scoop Explores Using Technology in the ELA Classroom

photo of laptop keys

NCDPI ELA Consultants provide back to school edition of the ELA Scoop.  English Language Arts teachers will be interested in checking out this resource. Read More »

New for 2016-17: The Canvas Standards for Instructional Design

Canvas Screenshot

Adapted from work of CanvasNet, Newton-Conover City Schools’ Instructional Technology department has created a new support document for you to use as a roadmap to guide your digital learning efforts, dubbed the Canvas Standards for Instructional Design. While teachers in Newton-Conover will not be required to use these this school year, using these standards when designing learning in Canvas is a ... Read More »