Tuesday , 12 December 2017
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Hooking reluctant readers with tech

Student on iPad

Students use iPads to read selections with YouTube audio linked as additional supports.   Read More »

SAS Curriculum Pathways available to all!

Screenshot of SAS Curriculum Pathways

SAS Curriculum Pathways has offered digital lessons for quite some time at a cost to the school.  These great resources are now available for FREE and offer virtual ways for students to explore content.  In addition, there are online lessons aligned to the Science Olympiad events for the elementary, middle, and high school tournaments.  Talk with your school’s Science Olympiad coach ... Read More »

Discovery adds new Apps to VR experience

Mr. Salva tries Virtual Reality

Discovery High School recently upgraded their VR experience by adding new destinations and new apps to their VR program.  Discovery continues to push the envelope regarding their use of VR and recent upgrades have added even more diversity to their offerings.  Apollo 11 and Stonehenge are new additions along with a new Google Earth application and the Fantastic Contraption app.  Students and ... Read More »

Students Can Discipline Themselves With “Cold Turkey”

Turkey image

Now that 1:1 classrooms are becoming more common…so are students distracted by the internet.  “Cold Turkey” can be strong when the students are not! Cold Turkey can be set to block websites while working, but has other features such as: motivational messages, timers, and scheduled breaks. It reminds students when they should be working, and students can set it to block the websites ... Read More »

Students Create Their Own Stories

Student writing

Students can write their own stories and increase their writing skills by using WriterReader  app. The students take their stories and plug them into the book platform. They can also add pictures to go along with their stories. Great app to use for struggling readers and writers. Read More »

Wonderopolis is Wonder-ful

Wonderopolis logo

Have you ever wondered why green means go or how to get rid of hiccups?  Maybe you have wondered why birds fly in a V or how a snake’s fangs work.  If you have wondered about any of these things or more then Wonderopolis is the site for you.  Wonderopolis is a website that explores what we wonder about.  The ... Read More »

Check out our 2016-17 Tech Tuesday Session Schedule!

Tech Tuesdays Logo

Interested in learning more about how to advance your teaching and learning practices with technology?  Look no further than this year’s Tech Tuesday session line-up!  Click here to review the session line-up, also embedded below (use the scrollbar on the bottom to see all session details), along with descriptions for each session.  Check your e-mail for instructions on how to ... Read More »

Word Study with Spellingcity.com

Students use technology

Need ideas for word study and vocabulary practice for stations?  Students would really benefit from the spellingcity.com website. This website incorporate spelling lists and inventories from several different publishers including Words Their Way. Teachers can upload their own lists or lists provided. Groups can be created to differentiate vocabulary and word study instruction. There are multiple activities to choose from for students to ... Read More »

Ditty…Say it with a Song!

Ditty logo

Ditty is an App that turns your sentences into a song. In our Kindergarten classroom, we have created “Ditties” for all subject areas (even classroom management!) The possibilities for student collaboration and creation are endless! There are essentially 3 basic steps to turn your message into a song Type your message (up to 70 characters) into the App. If students ... Read More »

Take The Leap, Breakout!

Break the Room Box

If you’re interested in ultra-engaging learning games for any age, consider introducing your students to breakout sessions.  Breakout sessions allow students the opportunity to work collaboratively, problem solve, and use critical thinking skills to solve problems.  Breakouts can be used to teach any core academic subject to students of all ages!  How does technology factor into a breakout session?  From guiding ... Read More »