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Strategies for Providing Enrichment Opportunities to Advanced Learners

Students and teacher

The purpose of enrichment is to provide extended learning opportunities and challenges to students who have already mastered or can quickly master the basic curriculum.  Enrichment gives students more time to study concepts with greater depth, breadth, and complexity.  Enrichment also provides opportunities for students to pursue learning in their own areas of interest and strengths. Here are some general ... Read More »

AIG Students Take 3rd Annual Lees Duke Water Plant Competition by Storm

AIG students at Water Tower Competition

AIG students have been working to construct model water towers in order to compete at the Lees Duke Water Plant 3rd Annual Competition.   The objective of the competition is to make participants aware of the importance of reliable drinking water and the rewarding opportunities available in the water profession. The competition does this by having students develop an idea ... Read More »

AIG Support At Your Fingertips

AIG Students in the Makerspace

During our March Instructional Core session, we will be analyzing data on our AIG students’ proficiency and growth across the district to kick off our three month focus on supporting students who have mastered content prior to instruction as well as those who master content more quickly than average students. Teachers across the district have asked for information on how ... Read More »

NCCS AIG Students Blast Off!

Students with Rockets

The Newton-Conover Academically/Intellectually Gifted students at South Newton, North Newton, and Shuford Elementary Schools had a “blast” as they successfully launched their model rockets during the week of May 4th, culminating their 2014 – 15 AIG enrichment!  The six week rocket science study began with a field trip to UNC – Charlotte on March 19th for an exciting introduction to ... Read More »

Successful “Blast Off” to AIG Rocketry Study

Fourth and fifth grade AIG students traveled to UNC-Charlotte on March 19th for an exciting introduction to rocket science, presented by the university’s award winning Senior Design NASA Launch Team and Rocketry Club.  The Club members highlighted the importance of diverse engineering fields in the development, design, and construction of rockets, and followed with an exhibit of rocket components essential ... Read More »

NCCS AIG Students Experience the Judicial System

The Newton-Conover Academically/Intellectually Gifted elementary students now have a greater understanding of the judicial branch of government after their month-long study of the legal system. District Court Judge BJ Mullinax, Major Tim Hayes of the Newton Police Department, and Assistant DA Kyle Smith visited the schools early in the study to share judicial procedures and legal protocol.  Their presentations extended ... Read More »

Credit by Demonstrated Mastery Spring Window Opens

For the past three semesters, NCCS has piloted the state’s Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (CDM) option for students who wish to receive credit for a course they have not completed by demonstrating that they have mastered the content of the course.  Beginning in February, students in grades 7-12 can receive credit for a course by demonstrating mastery through a two ... Read More »

Call for Proposals for NCAGT Conference now through November 30

Proposals are now being accepted for this year’s NCAGT Conference, “AIG at the Heart of North Carolina”, which will be held on March 5-6, 2015  in Winston Salem.   If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please contact Heather Mullins.  If you are accepted to present, the district will fund your expenses to the conference:  substitute and mileage.  Online proposals ... Read More »

State Seeks Qualified Reviewers for Honors Review Process

NCDPI is seeking qualified reviewers for the Cohort I Honors Review Process. Reviewers are needed in every discipline. Applicants from every LEA are welcome to apply. Minimum qualifications for reviewers: Have at least five years teaching experience in the subject area you wish to review Be fully licensed in the area(s) you wish to review Have taught honors courses prior ... Read More »

“Nurturing for Giftedness” Workshop

The Newton-Conover AIG Program facilitated a “Nurturing for Giftedness” workshop on February 24for forty-three kindergarten – 3rd grade NCCS and Catawba County teachers.  Ms. Sarah Hennessey, Discovery teacher from Cumberland County, presented activities, strategies, and challenges that can enhance creativity and critical thinking in the primary grades.  The workshop proved to be an exciting and beneficial event for teachers, providing ... Read More »