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Doing a Breakout on a Dollar Tree Budget!

breakout box

Using Breakouts are all the rage right now with teachers and students. A Breakout kit allows students to use teamwork and critical thinking skills to solve challenging puzzles in order to open a locked box. Teachers are coming up with all sorts of creative ways to use this engaging resource in the classroom. The problem is that one Breakout EDU kits ... Read More »

Students Create Their Own Stories

Student writing

Students can write their own stories and increase their writing skills by using WriterReader  app. The students take their stories and plug them into the book platform. They can also add pictures to go along with their stories. Great app to use for struggling readers and writers. Read More »

Embrace Instructional Technology, but Check the Approved List!

Clip art of Rubik's Cube with Apps on each side

Welcome back from what we hope was a summer of leisure, fun, and rest!  As you begin making lesson plans and firing up the Chromebooks, iPads, and laptops, take a moment to review the Approved App/Tool List to ensure that you remain in compliance with district policy as well as CIPA, COPPA, and FERPA regulations. You can use the Ctrl+F ... Read More »

Google Makes Launchpad Elementary Apps Free

Recently, Google purchased Launchpad Toys — a publisher of various iPad apps targeted at elementary-age students.  In true Google tradition, two of the apps that were previously charged for have now been made free!  The apps, Toontastic and Telestory, in addition to all in-app purchases, are now free in the App Store to all users.   Toontastic is a great ... Read More »

Check out these 36 Digital Formative Assessment Tools

Kathy Dyer shares 36 great digital formative assessment tools for your classroom.  Click here to access her list. Read More »

Five Apps for Middle School Math

Slice It! Grade range: 3-7 What is it? Divide and conquer with clever puzzles that build a geometry foundation. Pros: Trial-and-error game play supports nimble discovery of concepts and strategies. Cons: Lacks explicit connection between game principles and classroom learning. Bottom line: A fun way for kids to jump into geometry with lessons on shapes, symmetry, and area. Full review:   ... Read More »

STEM Apps to use in the Classroom

If you are looking for apps that can help you incorporate the STEM concepts into your classroom, try some of these. D. Bones, iPhone/iPad, Android $1.99 This app helps children learn the skeletal system in an engaging. It is divided into three sections–a puzzle, a quiz, and text to give users information and basic descriptions of the bones. Codecademy: Hour of ... Read More »

Middle School Apps for Math

Below are five apps that are said to help boost math skills in middle school.  Give them a try! Questimate!  –Grade range: 4-7 What is it? Estimation becomes a fabulous math game. Pros: Exposes kids to estimation in fun ways, with concrete math explanation. Cons: Number ranges aren’t limited at first, so it’s easy for answers to be way off. Bottom ... Read More »